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Blue Planet II available in 4k UHD

12th Dec 2017

he BBC has released all seven episodes in 4K HDR via the BBC iPlayer app, but you’ll need a compatible 4K television to get on board and view it.

As with the 4K version of Planet Earth II, BBC is using its own Hybrid Log Gamma HDR format. 

The BBC has listed all compatible sets, and if you have a 2017 model from  LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, there’s a good chance your TV supports it.

There’s also a host of 2016 and 2015 sets that can handle the format too, so check the list here. You’ll also need a pretty fast internet connection of around 25Mbps in order to keep up.

Those TVs that are supported will see a specific screen when opening the BBC iPlayer app.

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